Creatives in Quarantine or when life gives you lemons, get PR.

Everyone I know is in quarantine due to the Corona virus pandemic, It is really challenging! I recently participated in a Q&A for Creatives in Quarantine with the Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy. You can read my thoughts, featured in Creatives in Quarantine on the ACE website. Cap Region Creatives in Quarantine: Kirsten Voege… Continue Reading Creatives in Quarantine or when life gives you lemons, get PR.


This is the spot to find the KIRated blog. Here readers can learn all the news, events, updates, and more good to know info On the KIRated Co blog we post networking event updates, share news and talk about exciting developments in our community. We are focused on building business growth through marketing and getting… Continue Reading Greetings!

About KIRated Co

Learn more about KIRated, the brand created by Kirsten Voege. Looking for ROI? We build marketing campaigns that get results. At KIRated, we understand what it takes for marketers to stand out. We know that growth that can be measured is key. This is something different, but at KIRated we believe measurement is everything. We… Continue Reading About KIRated Co

Set goals and deliver goals.

BOOYAH! It’s 2020. Let’s set and deliver goals together! Booyah! It’s 2020. A new year! At KIRated we believe in delivering goals. So, we set goals and deliver goals. It’s time to set goals. Are you setting audacious marketing goals for 2020? We believe in making it happen. Hence the hashtag #MIH, Make it Happen.… Continue Reading Set goals and deliver goals.