It’s time to make some money; #theintern is skipping naps to make bank.

It's time to make some money...Experienced Chicken sitter #theintern skips naps to make money Summer 2020 At KIRated Communications our mantra is #MIH Make it Happen. At Kirated we offer unique, bespoke, and creative ideas to get business growth on track.
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Despite being a teenager and wanting to nap, #TheINTERN says...."ITS TIME to make some Money"
Despite being a teenager and wanting to nap, #TheINTERN says….”ITS TIME to make some Money”

A note from Kirsten on it’s time to make some money.

Maybe it is cliche….but I thought an assignment for #theINTERN of “What I did over Summer Vacation” could be interesting with a twist of quarantine.  So #theintern is here to show you, even in a global pandemic it’s time to make some money. Turns out; teenagers pretty much operate the same as when you and I were teens. Sleep, make money, play, repeat. Admittedly, even though there are differences….maybe like me, you didn’t have a phone when you were a teen. The only video games we had were “educational” hand held electronics for math. I remember Dataman and before that Little Professor ….guess the parents were prepping us for the years ahead. Anyway, there is a lot that #theINTERN wrote that made me smile. I agree. It’s not easy being a teenager. Maybe it never was? Cheers and good luck to the teens in all of our lives! I wish them great new adventures, continued good health, sleep, bank and good grades as schools all over start back up again. Read on and remember what it was like to be a teenager….. xoxo Kirsten

Sleep. Some teenagers wake up at 12 because they went to bed at 2.  People’s sleep cycles are very messed up right now. It might be the global pandemic, but it might be a teenager thing.

Some people probably wake up from their sleep looking like goblins and some people wake up from their sleep looking like Gods, it just depends on how much you get. Personally, I have been getting a lot of sleep and I think that is definitely good for me. Once I get up I usually go downstairs and use my phone for a while. When I get hungry I go to the kitchen, grab some food and then use my phone again. What do you expect?  Once I’m tired of using my phone maybe I’ll do something else, just maybe.

You cannot sleep in when you have to get up for work, so some days I just have to get up because it’s time to make some money.

I have gotten lots of little odd jobs this summer to try to make bank.

 My jobs range from moving rock walls, painting machinery, cleaning out weeds and muck from the pond, to taking care of chickens and little kids.

I have been taking care of a friend’s chickens and let me tell you it’s not as easy as you think.

Maybe you think, it is easy? Before I started I did too.

You think that a chicken sitter just needs to feed them? Or maybe, feed them, watch them and go home?


These are some high maintenance chickens. 

I need to go to take care of them 3 times a day! 

  1. First of all, waking up at 7:00 am to let them out is not too fun. Especially because I’m not an early riser. The chickens are pretty interesting. When I go in the morning to let them out they know exactly what I’m there to do.  They crowd around the door like kids at a toy store window. The second I open the coop door, I hear some high pitched bocks, chirps and whines because only two can fit through at a time and every one of these chickens wants to be the first one out. 
  2. By the time I get back home and lay down on the couch it’s time for me to go back over and feed them and clean the coop. The second time I go I make sure they are all alive, clean the coop and then I go back home. 
  3. Later, (after human dinner) I have to go inside the chicken run and push them inside the coop again for night time. 
You may think I am getting some eggs in return for taking care of these chickens. Nope.

They are not old enough to hatch eggs yet. 

If I watch them again in 10 weeks, I should be able to have some scrambled eggs for lunch! 

Because I am only 15, I have to rely on my bike and my Mom to get to the chickens.  Biking has been another good way to pass time. If you can’t drive, just bike! 

Why do I work so hard, chicken sitting? It’s time to make some money and I want money in the bank.

The reason for me getting all these jobs and working so hard to make money, is to have that feeling of independence. Plus, I’ve got expensive taste, so I need to make some moolah.

I want to be able to buy the things I want with the quadruple digits of money I have made. So, yeah, I am excited to buy some new sports equipment, like protective pads, a new Patagonia jacket and fleece and a Dakine backpack. 

Saving is more important though.

So, I am opening a bank account to watch my fortune grow.  I also am getting a bank card. Plus, I downloaded the bank mobile app so I can do all of my depositing online. I am excited to be able to bank from my phone! It is cool to just take a picture of a check and then….

Ka-ching, money in the bank.      

The life of a teenager in summer… it may vary from day to day but I think it’s mostly the same for a lot of teenagers.  You either play video games all day or you try to make money. This summer for me?  Well, now you know it’s all about making money and getting enough sleep.

Sleep plus Cheep equals money in the bank. graphic
Summer mantra of #theintern

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