The Intern at KIRated shares his thoughts during a global pandemic…

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If you love someone, let them nap; a teenager reacts to life and shares thoughts and questions during Covid-19 pandemic

A note from Kirsten. #theintern has been with KIRated since right before his 15th birthday in March. In addition to creating original social media content he offers feedback on all content prior to publishing. Recently #theintern was assigned to write a blog post. I figured, let’s get a teenager to share his thoughts on life during a global pandemic…and in the process, why not help him to learn a little about SEO? So, as of today, this teenager knows about tools that help optimize a blog post for Search Engine Optimization. This turned into a triple threat. An intern assignment + new content + a teachable moment….that’s a a win win win. Below is his blog post submission… We’d love to hear your comments and thoughts. Virtual Hugs, Kirsten

Hello. I am the intern. As the whole world knows we’re all living in the tough time of a global pandemic. Life has changed.

photo of #theINTERN who handles social media and helps with marketing at KIRated Co
#theINTERN wrote this guest blog over summer vacation. He is a rising sophmore in HS.

I was asked to share my thoughts on life during a global pandemic. Covid-19 has affected many different people in many different ways. This worldwide pandemic has opened big doors for people and it has closed doors for people. Some have found new talents and some have seemed to lose the ones they once had.

For me it has been a little bit of both, I’ve gained some and I have lost some. Being a teenager in this era I enjoy video games and spending time with friends. Most of which has been notched down due to the virus. Sure I can play games online with my friends but it isn’t as fun knowing we won’t be able to go to school the next day and share our tricks. And staying six feet away from a friend who is like a sibling to you is just not ideal in any circumstance.  Although there are countless games to play, friends to talk to and things to do, they all get boring.

Basically being a teenager in the times of a global pandemic brings a few unanswered questions to the surface.

How many times can you practice your favorite sport without having a game to show what you’ve learned?

What’s the point of doing extra school work if you don’t even know if you will be able to meet your teacher in person?

image of vertical lines with the word reading spaced out in between the lines.

Being the youngest sibling I have always had a knack for reading in between the lines. Over quarantine I’ve noticed that lots of people are trying to sustain food for themselves. Some people have planted gardens, some people  planted apple trees. Heck, some people even bought chickens with the hopes that they would provide eggs for a hungry family. Sure it’s a good thing to do to get your head out of the crazy thoughts of the pandemic..

Do you really want to be woken up by a rooster every morning?

Do you want to scoop chicken poop every night?

I say no.

In my opinion, it is just so easy for my mom to go to the store and get a carton of eggs.

In general I would say an average day for a teenager in quarantine differs from kid to kid. In fact the difference is from day to day, one day you’re motivated to go out and do something good for yourself, the other day you just want to sleep.

I mean what do you expect from a teenager? 

Philosophy of a teenage summer intern
Philosophy of the Intern at KIRated. You can quote him on it.

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