Marketing solutions to drive business growth. Founders partner with KIRated for strategic communications guidance.

Photo of a giant metal artwork. The artwork is a human head in-profile, with a cut-out in the head of a thought bubble.  We use marketing to drive business growth for our clients.

At KIRated we develop marketing solutions for business growth. That is to say, we offer unique and creative ideas to get business growth on track.

Firstly, we take our communications development very seriously. Since we believe marketing is key to business growth. So, we create communication strategies and develop strategic partnerships. Then these services are tailored to individual business needs. Our expertise helps build brand awareness, generate sales and drive business outcomes.

At KIRated we partner with founders searching for marketing expertise. We help founders drive business growth. At KIR Co, we develop campaigns and offer solutions to drive business growth. We design strategic marketing plans that build positive outcomes.

We understand ROI. Because we know ROI, we set goals and achieve them.

Is your organization searching for growth? We’d love to learn more and have a few questions for you….

Do you track your marketing ROI?

Is your company looking for proven performance marketing expertise?

Are you concerned about building your business brand?

Do you need help improving your communications strategy?

Not sure if your advertising is driving traffic?

We can help! We believe setting goals is critically important. So, we help our clients set goals and we deliver. As a result, we have happy clients! Our clients, like many organizations are looking for marketing to drive business growth and deliver on sales goals. Above all, many businesses are looking for a trusted partner to guide them. Certainly, for many, we are a trusted partner. Our expertise spans many industry verticals including auto, finance, e-commerce, healthcare, retail, business to business and direct to consumer services.

At KIRated we make it happen. So, at KIRated, we #MIH.

We have success promoting many household brands. Our efforts are driving results for category leaders and new brands. Business to Business, Direct to Consumer…any industry category. It’s all in a day’s work. Spans nearly all industry categories.

Even though we have experience working on many top brands, we love to learn about new categories. So, tell us about your industry and business. We’d love to get to know your niche. And help you build your business.

So, let’s get the conversation started. We’d love to talk about business growth solutions we can offer you!

Take the KIRated Co marketing for business growth survey here.
Looking for ROI on your marketing? Take the KIRATED MARKETING FOR GROWTH SURVEY
Looking for ROI on your marketing? Take the KIRATED MARKETING FOR GROWTH SURVEY

Let’s, Make It Happen.

We can #MIH together.

Lastly, we are sharing some TED talks about goal setting, follow this link #GOALS.