Using marketing to drive business growth.

Photo of a giant metal artwork outdoors in nature, surrounded by sky, trees, gravel and green hedges. The artwork is a human head in-profile, with a cut-out in the head of a thought bubble where the brain is. With the thought bubble cut out you can see though the sculpture/artwork to the trees, hedges and gravel

When done right, marketing drives business growth.

At KIRated, we believe marketing is key to launching brands. We partner with brands that want to drive business growth.

Our goal is to design marketing plans that build positive outcomes.

We understand marketing ROI. Because we know ROI, we set goals and achieve them.

Do you track your marketing ROI? Is your company looking for proven performance marketing expertise? Are you concerned about building your business? Do you need help improving your marketing and communications strategy? Not sure if your marketing is driving traffic?

We can help! We believe setting goals is critically important. So, we help our clients set marketing goals and we deliver. As a result, we have happy clients! Our clients, like many brands, are looking to marketing to drive business growth and deliver on sales goals. Above all, many businesses are looking for a trusted partner to guide them.

At KIRated we make it happen. At KIRated, we #MIH.

Our success promoting brands and driving results spans nearly all industry categories.

We’d love to talk about how we can work together!

Take the KIRated Communications marketing for business growth survey here and let’s MIH together.