Our Marketing Services

At KIRated we offer marketing and communication services. We are trained experts and offer branding, business development and consulting services. We develop and build marketing campaigns that drive results.

Supporting business growth through marketing that drives results.


BRANDING At KIRated Co, we are brand evangelists and we help companies build and fine tune their brand positioning and messaging to incorporate core offerings and showcase services.  Having a clear brand message helps customers understand the value a business or products provides.  Every organization from start-up to Fortune 500 makes an investment in their brand.  At KIRated Co, when we engage with a new customer we take a deep dive to learn about the customer’s business and evaluate any previous and current marketing tactics.  This helps our marketing experts to develop brand messaging for the specific products and/or business.  From here we create content, design communications, and develop distinct messaging that will build and promote a business. At KIRated Co, we believe branding is a key component of driving results.

Business Development

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Our marketing and communication services help launch brands, promote events, develop sales pipelines and uncover new prospects.  Our experience driving ROI through performance marketing informs every aspect of our marketing efforts.  At KIRated Co, our singular focus is to help companies drive positive business outcomes through marketing. We call it business development to drive results.


CONSULTING We take communications, marketing and product branding seriously and we believe an organization needs to “live” it’s brand.  We want our client businesses to grow and offer consulting services, so growing businesses can afford to keep growing.  Our consulting areas include; business mentoring, strategic marketing planning, staff recruiting, public relations, media buying & planning services, media optimization & analysis, marketing channel mix, media vendor relations, organizational alignment, employee communications, training & public speaking opportunity development. Our consultancy was created to drive results.

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