We are serious about supporting founders, business owners and growing organizations. We offer marketing & communications consulting to drive business growth. Our performance marketing knowledge is a powerful tool that generates sales and drives business outcomes.

At KIRated we offer marketing consulting to drive business growth. Our marketing consulting services help organizations looking for growth. As CMO for Hire or fractional CMO, we develop strategic marketing and communications campaigns that drive business growth for our clients. We are trained experts and offer branding, business development and consulting services.

BRANDING We are brand evangelists. In short, we help companies build and fine tune their brand positioning. Overall, we believe messaging is critical. Messaging should incorporate core offerings and services. It should also showcase an organizations values.  Having a clear brand message helps customers understand the benefits a business or products provides.  Every organization from start-up to Fortune 500 invests in their brand. Shouldn’t you?


At KIRated Co, we like to do our homework. When we engage with a new customer, we take a deep dive. In other words, we like to learn about the customer’s business. We look at and evaluate previous and current marketing tactics.  This helps. Our marketing experts then develop brand messaging for the specific products and/or business.  After that, we create content, design communications and develop distinct messaging. All the efforts are built to generate growth and promote business. We believe branding is a key component of driving results.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT We offer business development services as a service. Therefore, our marketing and communication expertise can be yours. Presently, many founders hire us. Specifically, we help launch brands, promote events, develop sales pipelines and uncover new prospects.  Instead of hiring an on staff, full-time business development staffer, companies contract with us. We help complete projects big and small. Let’s get this partnership started!

Business Development

Our background is in performance marketing. Because of this, we understand ROI. ROI is an abbreviation for Return On Investment. In reality, ROI informs every aspect of what we do. Thus, understanding goals, measuring ROI, and delivering on goals are at the core of what we do. At KIRated Co, our singular focus is to help companies drive positive business outcomes. Our marketing efforts are built to drive ROI.  We call it business development to drive results. In other words, we Make It Happen. #MIH

CONSULTING We take communications, marketing and product branding seriously. Above all, it is our belief that an organization needs to “live” it’s brand.  At KirCo, our goal is to drive business growth. Our consultancy efforts make an impact on our clients business. We love to help, and want to offer solutions our clients need. Therefore, our consulting services, are on offer for short or long term engagements. Eventually, every company tries to figure out how to get on the path to growth. We are here to help!


Unquestionably, figuring out the right marketing mix can be tricky. Especially when different people are pitching their ideas. We are independent. With no skin in the game. As a result, we are partner agnostic. All of our recommendations, are made to benefit our clients. Not a media vendor. Not a sales rep. Ultimately, our campaigns are built to drive results. We recommend tactics that help grow businesses. Accordingly, our marketing campaigns drive growth. Indeed, we love working with companies that want to keep growing.  Our consultancy was created to drive results.

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