How to become a Mentor or Mentee

Looking for Mentorship in your career or in life? Want to become a mentor or a mentee? Interested in joining a mentorship program? Keep reading to get tips from an experienced Mentor and learn about how to find a mentorship program near you. January is NATIONAL MENTORING MONTH aka #NationalMentoringMonth In the article to followContinue reading “How to become a Mentor or Mentee”

The Top Podcasts; Top Twenty Pods In My Queue

In honor of #InternationalPodcastDay I wanted to let you all know….I’m an avid podcast listener. So, today I am sharing the top Twenty Podcasts in my queue. Today I am sharing my Top 20 #PODS. These are my TOP Podcasts. My go-to Pods. The ones I cannot wait to listen to. They auto-download whenever thereContinue reading “The Top Podcasts; Top Twenty Pods In My Queue”