The Top Podcasts; Top Twenty Pods In My Queue

TOP Podcasts Top twenty Podcasts artwork
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In honor of #InternationalPodcastDay I wanted to let you all know….I’m an avid podcast listener. So, today I am sharing the top Twenty Podcasts in my queue.

Today I am sharing my Top 20 #PODS.

TOP Podcasts Top twenty Podcasts artwork
TOP Podcasts Top twenty Podcasts

These are my TOP Podcasts. My go-to Pods. The ones I cannot wait to listen to. They auto-download whenever there is a new episode. And as a result I am always ready to plug in with a new pod. In fact, I look forward to listening to a fave pod whenever I’m on the road. These TOP 20 Pods have been sorted and recapped for your convenience. I am certain you will find one you like. Most importantly you will find one for every type of road trip or commute.

First things first, why listen to a podcast?

When I started listening to Pods, it was back in the day…I was listening on an iphone3 with wired headphones. Most days I was listening during my commute to/from the office. In those days my commute consisted of the NYC subway, Metro North railroad or a city bus (depending on the office).

Other days I listened to my top twenty podcasts on my walks in Central Park.

If I wasn’t on public transit or walking, I really didn’t listen to any pods.

Fast forward to 2019.

I bought a CAR. (beep beep) So, I was taking lots of road trips and planning my move out of NYC.  In other words, I was driving a lot, scouting out locations in the 518, and taking road trips to visit friends near and far. It was on one of those early road trips I re-discovered my love for pods.   

Anyway, who has time to figure out which are the best podcasts?

We know, everybody’s busy… for instance, we know you don’t have time to weed through all the possible podcasts that are out there. Who has time for that? First, you have to find something. Then you have to dedicate more time to listen to a few episodes and to see if you like the podcast. Certainly, don’t waste your time. Because, by the way, there are over two million podcasts with over 48 million episodes.

We know. It can be so disappointing to try out a new pod, and end up not enjoying it. Sometimes it’s the host, the topic, or something else, like an annoying sidekick. And everyone knows an annoying sidekick is the worst. After that you realize, jeez, what a waste of time! Guess what you don’t have to do any of that! We have done all the screening and selecting for you! Now you will have your own top podcast list.

V is for Variety….Variety is an important factor considered in the top podcasts list

If you are like me, the type of pod you listen to will depend on your mood and the type of day/week you are having. Because every day is different. One day you may want to hear some takes on news of the day. Another day you may decide it is a great day to learn from entrepreneurs, executives and inventors. For instance, on another day, maybe you want to tune in to hear athletes & entertainers. And finally, on another day you may just want to hear funny stories and laugh along with Conan or Dana. 

READY to find out my top podcasts?

TOP Podcasts Top twenty Podcasts the graphic

Hey! We are not done yet, but are just getting started sharing about our top podcasts…keep scrolling for tips on which episodes to start with and links to some fave episodes…

Please note: Beware of spicy language. When I have a guest in my car I make them aware of that, so wanted to let you know too! Clicking on the underlined show titles will bring you to the exact podcast episode I am highlighting. The QR codes will bring you to the podcast show page.
Important to note:

Here we go… the detailed show information for the top podcasts. Sharing suggested episodes and listening tips. Therefore, let it be known, you can take a 5 minute, a 55 minute or a 5 hour pod break.

Short on time? Check out our Good for the Subway Top Podcasts Pod Picks

Everybody’s busy…think you don’t have time? Guess what! You may have a little bit of time to listen running errands, on your afternoon coffee run, or on a short walk or drive. Or most certainly, maybe you just need a quick unplug from the day? So, yep. We’ve got some top podcast suggestions for you!

These are our Good for the Subway Picks.

TOP Podcast Ear Hustle

Interesting, honest, sometimes funny, always real, this podcast is hosted by Earlonne Woods and San Quentin volunteer Nigel Poor. 

Hear about the realities of life inside prison. This pod focuses on the characters in and around San Quentin in San Fran’s Bay Area.

It is a series, so start listening from episode 1 here.

TOP Podcast Archewell Audio

Archewell is the podcast of Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex. Listen and swoon.


We know Harry and Meghan are busy, but we await more eps!

Note: at the time of publication there are only two eps. One is an intro, so check the second longer episode by clicking here.

TOP Podcast MINTEL Little Conversation
PODCAST: Mintel- Little Conversation with QR Code TOP PODCASTS

Mintel is a market intelligence agency, experts discuss fresh ideas and new perspectives on how consumers consume.

I really enjoyed Patents: A Crystal Ball for Brands and Marketers, but also recommend starting with ep 70 The Future of Cities.

TOP Podcast Renegades: Born in the USA

Renegades is a podcast with conversations between President Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen. They talk music, influence, life and dreams.

PODCAST: Renegades: Born in The USA with QR CODE TOP PODCASTS

Oh, Bruce also talks about songs he’s written and in some episodes they even sing together. So, start listening with the Money & The American Dream episode and you will be hooked.

TOP Podcast The Michelle Obama Podcast
PODCAST: The Michelle Obama Podcast with QR CODE TOP PODCASTS

Really this needs no introduction. Michelle is amazing. Above all, I could listen to her all day.

So, I recommend you start with the Working Women & Importance of Mentorship episodes. After that you are on your own. Because the episodes are all top podcasts.

TOP Podcast The Corp with Alex Rodriguez and Barstool Big Cat

Best known as World Series champion and NY Yankee #13, most importantly for this conversation, A-Rod is also an entrepreneur and investor. A-Rod is joined by Dan “Big Cat” Katz from Barstool sports Pardon My Take (PMT). During this series they talk to industry leaders, sports legends, and entrepreneurs and dive deep into the keys to their success.

QR Code for The Corp with Alex Rodriguez & Barstool Big Cat TOP PODCASTS

Certainly, anyone who knows a caramel macchiato is different than a caramel latte also knows if they want a Grande or a Venti. In other words, this person is a SBUX fan. If you knew what that meant before I added SBUX ticker, for you, I recommend the Howard Schultz episode.

Next, check out the Stephanie McMahon episode. Maybe I loved it because I met her and her hubby Triple H back in the day at a WWE event? Either way, you can hear Stephanie talk with A-Rod and Big Cat and the WWE here.

Certainly if you were a fan of Lauren perfume in the 80’s you are going to want to hear what Dylan Lauren, daughter of Ralph Lauren is up to these days. You can do that here.

Ready to settle in for a longer time? Check out Good for the Car or Walk Pod Picks and Pods Loved by Teenagers to Octogenarians & everyone in between….. Top Podcasts

Below are our Good for the Car or Walk Pod Picks.

You may have longer car ride or commute coming up…. Don’t worry we have suggestions for times when you will be listening to pods for a long time too! When I’m on a long road trip I like to change it up. Sometimes I listen to a series of episodes from the same pod. However, other times, I may listen to a few different pods.

TOP Podcast Token CEO

Erika Nardini the CEO of Barstool Sports talks about current news to business strategy and chats with guests from the boardroom to the locker room.

Boardrooms and locker rooms have a few things in common. One of them, might be spicy language. So, only listen if you are ready for some F bombs.

Interested in Fashion? Check out the ep where Erika chats with fashion designer and entrepreneur Rebecca Minkoff.

Interested in BadA$$ #entrepreneurs? Curious to hear more from someone who is friends with Snoop Dog and business partners with Michael Strahan? In We Only F*ck with Hall of Famers Erika chats with a NYC pal of mine from back in the day, Con Schwartz of SMAC Entertainment.

TOP Podcast Stay Tuned with Preet

Stay Tuned with Preet. Preet Bharara is formers US Attorney of the Southern District of NY. In addition, he is a sought after guest by media outlets. Above all he breaks down legal topics in the news. In this podcast Preet talks to thought leaders about power, policy and justice.

PODCAST: Stay Tuned with Preet with QR Code TOP PODCASTS

Side note: when Preet was USA of SDNY he sent me a letter thanking me for serving on a Federal Grand Jury. I have it framed. It was 6 months of my life I won’t get back.

Want to know the episode that got me hooked? Well here you go. It is when Preet reads a letter he wrote about the excitement he had about Kamala Harris being on the Dem ticket as a candidate.

TOP Podcast Just B with Bethenny Frankel
Podcast: Just B with Bethenny FRANKEL QR CODE TOP PODCASTS

Just B with Bethenny is a podcast hosted by #entrepreneur #philanthropist #housewife #Bravolebrity and native NY’er Bethenny Frankel.

Two great eps to start with follow….

First, start with ep 15 where Bethenny chats with John Paul DeJoria He is the founder of Paul Mitchell & Patron tequila.

And secondly try the episode where B chats with Suzanne Somers about being an entrepreneur and navigating Hollywood.

TOP Podcast WorkLife with Adam Grant

WorkLife with Adam Grant. Grant is an organizational psychologist, Wharton professor, and Ted Talk podcast host. Also, Grant is the author of Originals and Think Again.

PODCAST: WorkLife with Adam Grant with QR CODE TOP PODCASTS

Firstly, get started with WorkLife by listening to this ep about how to deal with jerks at work called The Office without A$$holes.

After that take a listen to this ep titled How to Build an Inclusive Workplace, and you will have a solid idea of why I am such a fan. Happy Listening!

TOP Podcast The Prof G Show with Scott Galloway
PODCAST: The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway with QR CODE TOP PODCASTS

The Prof G Pod with Scott Galloway. Galloway is an entrepreneur, NYU Professor and author who wrote the bestselling book, The Algebra of Happiness.

Start listening with The Algebra of Wealth episode and after that, follow up with the May office hours episode where Scott shares his views on income inequality, executive MBAs and the future of smart homes.

Want more? You can check out a brief (to clarify, 10 minute) clip of Galloway talking abut happiness here on YouTube

TOP Podcast The HBR Ideacast

The HBR Ideacast is a weekly podcast from The Harvard Business Review that features leading thinkers in business and management.

Podcast: The HBR Ideacast with QR Code TOP PODCASTS

First, start with Understanding the Venture Capital Gender Gap

Then, listen to How to Talk Yourself Up Without Turning People Off

Finally, check out Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

TOP Podcast WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women
Podcast: WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women with QR Code TOP PODCASTS

This podcast is a Wall St Journal production that features successful female entrepreneurs, executives, and money savvy experts. They talk how to get ahead, reach your goals and achieve professional success.

Looking for advice from another entrepreneur? Hit play for Toni Ko: On the Personal Sacrifices of Entrepreneurship.

After that, check out Finding Confidence: The Secret to Speaking Up Love that? Check!

And, if you are interested in growing your stash of cash….check out Managing Your Money During Coronavirus

TOP Podcast Sway with Kara Swisher

Sway is a NY Times Opinion podcast hosted by Kara Swisher. Most importantly, Swisher is a silicon valley journalist and author. Swisher is known for wearing dark aviator sunglasses even while indoors, explaining “I have light sensitivity a little; I just don’t like bright lights.”

Podcast: Sway with Kara Swisher with QR Code TOP PODCASTS

Check out Women’s Basketball is on the Rise. Is Anyone Paying Attention? Listen as Cathy Engelbert the WNBA Commissioner and Swisher talk about player compensation, pay inequity & sports betting.

Below are our Pods Loved by Teenagers to Octogenarians & Everyone in Between….. Picks.

TOP Podcast Suiting Up with Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil is a professional athlete who co-founded the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL). Suiting Up is an interview style show where Rabil dives deep with guests about sports and business, discussing ideas and inspiration with well-known and not so well known guests.

Podcast: Suiting Up with Paul Rabil with QR CODE TOP PODCASTS

It is so hard for me to chose just a few eps to recommend from Suiting Up. I love them all!

So, start at the first episode of Suiting Up. This first episode is a rare 1:1 with the NFL Patriots Coach Bill Belichick a man of few words. Rabil loves that Belichick is CEO of his team, and they dive deep into the overlapping worlds of professional athletes and business and the attitude and focus needed to perform at a high level.

The second recommendation is an episode with USA Soccer Champion and author Julie Foudy.

Lastly on the Rabil recommendation, another great episode is a chat with organizational psychologist, author and professor Adam Grant (yep I love AG as a guest too!)

TOP Podcast Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People
PODCAST: Remarkable People with Guy Kawasaki with QR Code TOP PODCASTS

Kawasaki is an author, speaker entrepreneur, executive fellow and professor. He is currently chief evangelist at Canva. Canva is the tool used to design all the artwork in this post. The Remarkable People POD covers many topics including Guy’s personal experiences as an executive, entrepreneur, author founder, surfer and car enthusiast.

For example, I will share two of the most impactful Remarkable People episodes because of their practical tips.

The first features a conversation with Angela Duckworth author of Grit on “when to quit”.

The second and next recommendation has Guy sharing his knowledge and talking about How to Be a Remarkable Speaker

On the other hand, if you like cars (or like me, enjoy hearing enthusiasts talk about cars) check out the episode with Randy Nonnenberg founder of Bring A Trailer aka BAT. Or the one where Guy giggles and fanboys. Talking Tesla, Porsche, Mercedes and all things auto with his guest the “Dr. Frankenstein of Tesla” aka Rich Benoit of Rich Rebuilds

TOP Podcast The James Altucher Show

James Altucher is an entrepreneur, author, chess master and angel investor. In his pod Altucher interviews peak performers, billionaires, rappers, astronauts, athletes, and comedians who forged their own paths, and found financial freedom.

PODCAST: The James Altucher Show with QR CODE TOP PODCASTS

To get started, check out ep 681 What are the Attributes You Need to Have to be Successful? Altucher talks to retired Navy Seal Commander and author Rich Divney.

Next recommendation is an area of expertise, given Altucher’s background in hedge funds. With his experience having companies go bankrupt and having huge exits he certainly has to be able to nose his way around a balance sheet. So check out the episode Retail Investing: “Masterclass”

Finally….how about trying this episode…..What I Learned From Seinfeld, The Show and Larry David’s Leadership.

TOP Podcast Against The Rules Michael Lewis
PODCAST: Against the Rules- Michael Lewis with QR Code TOP PODCASTS

Lewis is a bestselling author of many books including Moneyball, The Blind Side, The Big Short and Liar’s Poker. He is a financial journalist and contributing journalist to Vanity Fair writing mostly about business, finance and economics. Lewis’ podcast takes on different aspects of well known areas, much like his successful books.

In short, just kidding, the book is the Big Short. The Big Short was also a movie. Lewis’ is one of my most recent top podcasts additions. Seriously, it is the newest addition. But, very worthy of being included in The Top 20 Podcasts In My Queue.

Firstly, I recommend Don’t Be Good Be Great, Lewis talks about and to a high school baseball coach who “changed his life”. This will start you off on the “Coach” series.

Second up, The Coach in Your Head and The Coach Effect both had me riveted during a long recent car trek.

If after these three you are hooked. keep going…

Still curious? Want to learn how rituals and repetitions help elite athletes and astronauts stay focused and in peak performance during training. Listen to the Yale professor who teaches the University’s most popular course. Dr. Laurie Santos, shares research on rituals and inspiring stories on happiness in this podcast The Spaceman’s Ritual with The Happiness Lab. In addition, if you are interested in taking the The Science of Well-Being which Santos teaches at Yale. Class is available for free through Coursera here.

All right, have you had enough about astronauts, finance and personal development?

If you are just here for the laughs, check out our Top Podcasts, LOL Pods

TOP Podcast Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

You may know O’Brien as a host from late night tv, SNL, etc… so it seems he is also in need of friends. This podcast is his attempt to make friends and spend time with people he admires.

PODCAST: Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend QR Code TOP PODCASTS

I want to be friends with Conan, but I’d rather be friends with Howard Stern. Check out the Howard Stern episode here.

If Conan can’t be friends with Howard for instance, he definitely wants to try to get more friends. Perhaps you’d like to hear about him trying to be friends with Wanda Sykes? In this next episode Conan talks about becoming friends with Wanda and for instance, maybe they will even go on vacation together? Check out the episode with Wanda Sykes here.

TOP Podcast Fantastic with Dana Carvey
PODCAST: Fantastic with Dana Carvey with QR Code TOP PODCASTS

Perhaps you loved Dana Carvey on SNL? Then you probably remember his roles as Garth, The Church Lady, & Hans (of Hans & Frans) choppin’ brocoli. If you do, I bet you will love this Pod. In an incredibly unexpected twist, Carvey’s co-host is his hairdresser, Chris Rios.

This POD is one of my top podcasts. I have so many reasons, but I will give you two.

Number one, it is hilarious. Like LOL funny. Like tears roll down your face because you are laughing so hard. Like, repeat the jokes because you think they are so funny, but it doesn’t work because you can’t do impressions of Barack O’Bama or Dr. Fauci or Johnny Carson, or Brad Pitt.

Number two, it is a family affair. With Carvey’s sister and brother calling in, mostly on landlines. And, Carvey’s son, Dex helps with the tech. They genuinely seem to be having a good time.

You must listen to Fantastic in order. Because the chaos and storytelling build each episode.

Start here with ep #1

Party on Wayne. Party on Garth.

That’s it. The end. Finally, you now know all of my top podcasts.

Do you know a podcast we should listen to? We’d love to hear about it!

We’d be grateful if you submit your info below….

Interested in learning about the books I’m reading? check out my blog post on Professional Development and all the books I bought on AMZN.

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