Creatives in Quarantine or when life gives you lemons, get PR.

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Everyone I know is in quarantine due to the Corona virus pandemic, It is really challenging! I recently participated in a Q&A for Creatives in Quarantine with the Upstate Alliance for the Creative Economy. You can read my thoughts, featured in Creatives in Quarantine on the ACE website.

Cap Region Creatives in Quarantine: Kirsten Voege

Life seems to be giving us abundant lemons these days

Our lives are overflowing with lemons these days. I’m thinking of this global pandemic; Covid-19, work on pause, quarantines, social distancing, supply chain issues, furloughs, lay-offs, graduations, weddings, holidays, sports seasons, all canceled. Forgot to mention… the stock market roller-coaster. With Quarantine Life in full effect these days are an emotional roller-coaster.

So, you know how people say, when life gives you lemons make lemonade? As an eternal optimist, I say, okay, I’ll take those lemons. I actually love lemons! Everyone who knows me knows I love lemons. I don’t love the situation we are all living through, but figured I’d make the best of it by figuring out ways to think positively about it.

I think the biggest adjustment for most is the WFH. Working From Home.

Me? I am very familiar with WFH. Before Covid-19 struck the US I had been full time WFH. So the 100% WFH life wasn’t a huge adjustment for me.

There are so many changes with Covid-19 and Quarantine Life. Change can be stressful, it is difficult to have things in our lives change so much.

When life gives me lemons, I make the most of it. Some people may want to hibernate, take a break, and wait for the air to clear. Not me. I want to get out there. Since I cannot actually “get out there”…. I am doing all sorts of new things to virtually “get out there”. Including participating in a Q & A about Quarantine Life.

I can’t wait to see what the next opportunity is!
Kirsten of KIRated, posing from her work from home counter desk while in Covid-19 Quarantine.
Hi! from me in my WFH (work from home) set up.

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