Working with us. The KiR Co Process.

A few words (and a graphic) so you know what to expect when working with KiR Co….

The KiR Co Process

A graphic to illustrate the KIRCO Process - Working with us, a framework for onboarding new clients also known as, the kir co process

Getting to know more about your organization and business helps us to create campaigns and partnerships to meet your goals and drive business growth.

  1. In order to #MIH for organizations, first, take the KIRated Marketing for Growth Survey. It is the first step in the information sharing, so we can get to know about you and your business. We like to hear about any promotions that are ongoing, and any historical marketing campaigns. What drives decision making, how much are you investing in marketing and what in house resources do you have?
  2. Next we like to deep dive into your clients business. It is important to gain an understanding of our client business challenges, strengths, goals and more. Ultimately, we want to understand your business and the role it plays in the community.
  3. Then, we mutually agree to marketing goals and advertising budgets available.
  4. Next we fine tune any marketing messaging and branding that is out there. It needs to align with the values of your company and brand.
  5. After that, we propose the top tactics and recommend campaign options. We recommend the tactics.
  6. You decide the path. Our clients decide the path. We propose solutions, ultimately the client decides.
  7. Once we have client sign off, we are ready to start making a difference. Growing the business and attracting new customers. We implement the plan. KIR Co takes it from there. All with the goal of solving business challenges with strategic marketing to drive customer acquisition.

We look forward to talking to you soon.

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Looking forward to working together one day soon!

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Photo/graphic showing smiling, happy, KiR Co Founder, Kirsten celebrating onboarding a new client with a confetti party at Radio City Music Hall. Photo showing closeup of Voege's smiling face and confetti falling in background with text overlays. Text says Entrepreneur Life, thought bubble text says TFW you get a contract from a new client , that starts this week. With large bold text alongside her face with words that say feeling strong, bold and grateful. with the web address

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