How to become a Mentor or Mentee

Looking for Mentorship in your career or in life? Want to become a mentor or a mentee? Interested in joining a mentorship program? Keep reading to get tips from an experienced Mentor and learn about how to find a mentorship program near you. January is NATIONAL MENTORING MONTH aka #NationalMentoringMonth In the article to followContinue reading “How to become a Mentor or Mentee”

The Top Podcasts; Top Twenty Pods In My Queue

In honor of #InternationalPodcastDay I wanted to let you all know….I’m an avid podcast listener. So, today I am sharing the top Twenty Podcasts in my queue. Today I am sharing my Top 20 #PODS. These are my TOP Podcasts. My go-to Pods. The ones I cannot wait to listen to. They auto-download whenever thereContinue reading “The Top Podcasts; Top Twenty Pods In My Queue”

Professional Development Tips; Read, Listen & Watch.

We know, like us, you probably want to stay at the top of your game. To stay at the top of your game, it is important to participate in ongoing professional development. As an employee at a large corporation, there are usually many training programs available, from ethics training, to corporate policy, anti-harassment and biasContinue reading “Professional Development Tips; Read, Listen & Watch.”