Set goals and deliver goals.

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BOOYAH! It’s 2020. Let’s set and deliver goals together!

Booyah! It’s 2020. A new year!

At KIRated we believe in delivering goals. So, we set goals and deliver goals.

It’s time to set goals. Are you setting audacious marketing goals for 2020?

photo of a name tag from the Center for Economic Growth 2019 Annual Meeting attendee Kirsten Voege from Kirated CommunicationsKirsten Voege name tag The CEG announced their accomplishments for 2019 and set goals for 2020.
Yep! I am involved in my community!

We believe in making it happen. Hence the hashtag #MIH, Make it Happen. Interested in meeting your marketing goals? Interested in getting involved in your community? We say #Yes to both at KIRated. At KIRated we are involved in and participate in our community.

At KIRated Communications, we set goals and we deliver.

We are active participant in our community.  After attending the Center for Economic Growth (CEG) 2019 Annual Meeting.  Networking goals were accomplished! We were able to meet some new people and connected with people we had met at some other events. It was an annual meeting, so the new Board of Directors was announced and there were reports on the enterprising efforts and goals set for the future.

At KIRated, there were lots of exciting things that happened in 2019. Curious? Take a look at one of them.
PLUS, we’ve got big plans for 2020, stay tuned to our blog to learn more.  

#MIH #2020goals

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